Collage Picture Frames into Multi Thousand Word Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what if you have a group of pictures? If you have more than one favourite picture to display then you’ll want to know how to decorate them in a stylish way. Specifically we’ll discuss when we should make use of collage picture frames, selecting materials and finding the perfect location. This article should provide you some ideas for showcasing your skills and passion.

There are many instances when we would collage pictures. They are perfect gifts for house warming party, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. I have given them for house warming parties on several occasions. What better way to create priceless gifts for your friends and love ones. Think about it, your piece of art will be hanging on their private wall virtually permanently. Each time they look at it, they will most likely think of you. Furthermore, their visitors can admire your work as well. Then it is possible your name come up in their conversation.

Other than gifts, why not collage pictures for yourself at your own home. Organize a collection of pictures in a related theme for examples, wedding, sports, or childhood.

Once you have worked out your theme, it is time to select frame style that show case your taste. With themes you can explore, humorous, romantic, or just plain capturing the memories of your childhood. Next step is to decide on whether you would go for antique or modern look, whether the mouldings will be timber, metal or plastic. Nowadays, with modern technology, picture frames come in every imaginable styles, sizes and colors. If you have a design of your own, why not customize the frames to your liking. But before you carry out the previous steps you should have an idea where to display your collage.

Now, to select a wall location in your home to work with, I have these couple of criteria. Ideally the area should have sufficient natural light and uncluttered. You want to have enough light so it can draw the eye’s attention toward it. Personally, I prefer simplicity. Less is more! I would have just enough objects on the wall so that they will be much appreciated by viewers’ eyes. There is nothing worst than over doing it –hanging too many objects on your wall. A couple of my favourite areas to collage picture frames are the wall against the stair case and the wall in the lounge room facing the windows.

Decorate your objects with picture frames exhibit your house characteristics and in essence present your character as well. The possibilities of arrangements are endless; just need a bit of creative juices flowing to kick start. Experimentation is the key. Not all work will be perfect and just look at each experiment as a way to get feedback, not a failed attempt. Put these ideas to use in your home today, and enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle tomorrow!